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Massimo Lazzari, Ana Ledo-Suárez, Thaïs López, Dominique Scalarone and M. Arturo López-Quintela
Plastic matters: an analytical procedure to evaluate the degradability of contemporary works of art
Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 399, 2939–2948 (2011)
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C. Vázquez-Vázquez, M.A. López-Quintela, M.C. Buján-Núñez, J. Rivas
Finite size and surface effects on the magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles
Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 13, 1663-1676 (2011)
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Y. Piñeiro-Redondo, M. Bañobre-López, I. Blanco-Pardiñas, G. F. Goya, M. A. López-Quintela, J. Rivas
The influence of colloidal parameters on the specific power absorption of PAA-coated magnetite nanoparticles
Nanoscale Res. Lett., 6:383 (2011)
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Rodriguez Abreu, C,; Aubery, C.; Solans, C.; Lopez-Quintela, M. A.; Tiddy, G.
Characterization of perylene diimide dye self-assemblies and their use as templates for the synthesis of hybrid and supermicroporous nanotubules
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 3 (10), 4133–414 (2011)
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D. Scalarone, J. Tata, F. Caldera, M. Lazzari, O. Chiantore
Porous and worm-like titanium dioxide nanostructures from PS-b-PEO block copolymer micellar solutions
Mater. Chem. Phys.,128, 166-171 (2011)
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M. Lazzari, D. Scalarone, G. Malucelli, O. Chiantore
Durability of acrylic films from commercial aqueous dispersion: glass transition temperature and tensile behavior as indexes of photooxidative degradation
Prog. Org. Coat., 70, 116-121 (2011)
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G. Giovannetti, A. Stroppa, S. Picozzi, D. Baldomir, V. Pardo, S. Blanco- Canosa, F. Rivadulla, S. Jodlauk, D. Niermann, J. Rohrkamp, T. Lorenz, S. Streltsov, D. I. Khomskii, J. Hemberger
Dielectric properties and magnetostriction of the collinear multiferroic spinel CdV2O4",
Physical Review B, 83, 060402 (2011)
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B. Rivas- Murias, H. D. Zhou, J. Rivas, and, F. Rivadulla
Rapidly fluctuating orbital occupancy above the orbital ordering transition in spin-gap compounds"
Physical Review B, 83, 165131 (2011)
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F. Rivadulla
Conduction electron spin resonance and spin fluctuations in CoS2-xSex (x<0.1)"
Physical Review B, 84, 132406 (2011)
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López-Quintela, M.A.; Calvo, J.; Riva, J.
Synthesis of Subnanometric Nanoparticles"
Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology, Bhushan, Bharat (Ed.), Springer Verlag. –in press-
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Rivas, J.; Bañobre-López, M.; Piñeiro-Redondo, Y.; Rivas, B.; López-Quintela, M.A.
Nanoparticles for application in cancer therapy
J. Magn.Magn.Mat. –in press-